Hours by agreement.

February and September.

An intern at Hashtag Junkies assist the team with tasks set out by the internship mentor and team members. A challenging internship. Your tasks are linked to the study you are undertaking and relate to topics such as marketing, communication, branding, graphic design, photography and videography.

  • #Social Media Addict

    New social media platforms or features? You're the first to discover and test these and report back your findings.

  • #Solution Focused

    You think in solutions instead of problems. Possibilities instead of impossibilities.

  • #Energetic

    Your energy is contagious, you are enthusiastic and you're motivated to rock.

  • #Personality

    You have a lot of personality. People remember you because you're 100% you.

  • #Eager to learn

    You shape your process of learning with us but you're the director. You take ownership of your learning process.

What you'll be doing

We think it's important that you like the industry we work in. That's why we'd love to see your current affinity with social media, for us that's really a plus. As an intern you are working closely with the team to learn more about our company, clients and industry. Want to learn more about social media and online communities? Are you never not creating and eager to learn? If yes. We'd love to meet you! We are committed to mentoring, our mentor to student ratios are weekly or biweekly. We like to see you grow as a person and a professional. We have two spots available every six months for students studying at MBO, HBO and university. FYI. We have received accreditation for the MBO studies Fotograaf (crebo 25195, level 4) and Mediavormgever (crebo 25633, level 4).

What we offer

  • #Challenge

    A diverse, challenging internship where we like to focus on your qualities, and also where you want to grow towards.

  • #The Fam

    A great spot within a young, driven and informal team that wants to conquer the world. Your team members are a lot of fun. Real. Nice. People.

  • #Freedom

    Creative workplace within the Kroon in Rotterdam (West). Freedom to work from home on a fixed day.

What are you waiting for?

We would be honored to receive your application. You are welcome to send us your motivation, C.V. and portfolio in Dutch by clicking on the button below. Tell us why you think you're a perfect match and great addition to the team? Or tell us about the skills you master? You will hear from us soon. Pinky promise.

Hashtag Junkies HQ