Like a boss, all by yourself.

In our training company, the University, we teach you and your team how to strategize, setup, execute and orchestrate your social media presence like a boss – all by yourself. How do we do that? Simple: by keeping it real. And by relentlessly pursuing our own enthusiasm, creativity, curiosity, and hustle instincts. By keeping on figuring out what works, and to share those nuggets of goodness with you, our probably returning customer.


There's no problem a hustler can't solve. Our trainees tell us they need help with social. They need insights on how get more reach, more engagement, how to make more impact. They know they have to do something, but don't know where to start. We tell them they do know where to start. They just don't know that they know it yet. We are more than happy to share our expertise with you in one of our 90 minutes Masterclasses.

  • Social Selling

    Use social media to impact. Learn how to sell the problem you solve through organic and personal community management.

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  • Storytelling

    Facts tell, stories sell. All about its power and what it can do for your brand (hint: $). All the tools to take off.

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  • Social Media

    Get the insights, know-how, and constantly updated tricks to build your own hashtag empire. Power up your socials!

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In need of temporary support within your marketing and communication department? Get access to our team of top-notch social orchestra conductors. Having the right knowledge, science, and scientist when you are in desperate need was never this easy.

#Training programmes

Looking for a training, additional education, or schooling program? Hashtag Junkies offers tailored training and education programs to facilitate the transfer of knowledge.

  • Support Meetings

    Like to be trained 1:1 and get to send home with a to-do list that makes sense? Book this journey of four meetings (valid for one year) and work closely with a Junkie to increase your successes on social. Learn how to orchestrate it to the highest symphony, harmony and growth.

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  • Schooling Programs

    Adding social media to the curriculum makes your schooling 2030-proof. We have several programs available designed for different fields of work; to be taught by your in-house lecturers or make use of the option having Junkie from the field in front of your students.

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  • Tailored Training

    Are you building a brand, not just a business? When you're in need of temporary support or when you want your marketing and communication department to get training? Reach out to us and get access to a team of social geeks and their knowledge.

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