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One day our founders decided it'd be fun to create a social media presence as a duo. And so that's what they did. Sh*t got really serious after that. Along the way, after reaching, inspiring, and connecting to tens of thousands of humans, getting sponsorships and influencer deals, they stumbled upon the answer. The secret to being successful on social media is to create a real, human presence and a real, human connection on social.

The Cosmoscouple phenomenon grew as of 2015 into one of the most popular platforms in the Rotterdam region. On the social media platforms our founders shared their life on the daily with over 20K followers in a very unique and authentic way. It caught the eye of many and brands started to contact them. The constant requests were the reason for Jip and Petra to start Hashtag Junkies. Cosmoscouple is currently on Influencer Pensionado, which gives Jip and Petra more time to make brands shine online like they do in real life.


  • "I recommend everything this glorious couple does. Their outlook on life and the world around them is priceless! Thanks for sharing your life over the last couple of years!”


  • “The most cheerful, fun and sweet people I know. They influence on a next level but most of all in a original kind of way! They make every topic discussable with a touch of humor and pictures that will make a great day even more cheerful.”


  • “What you see is what you get, FOR REAL! There’s no such thing as being too crazy. Always nice to come across a post of Cosmoscouple on my timeline. Makes my day!”



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Photography credit: Marjolein Oomen.