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De Keilewerf is a place that inspires, where people work with both hands and head and where there is plenty of room for cooperation and own initiative. What started in 2014 with an empty warehouse of thousand m2 is now a breeding ground for around one hundred young creative entrepreneurs, divided over two buildings with a total of six thousand m2. Metal workers, artists, furniture makers and musicians have settled there. Filmmakers, surfboard shapers, food truck builders and upholsterers have also built their own studios or workshops.


  • "The Q&A's that were developed by Hashtag Junkies have proven to be useful in many different ways. The portraits and interviews were initially developed for our social media platforms, but with of the input of team Hashtag Junkies they are now also on the website to showcase all our tenants. The vibe at Hashtag Junkies headquarters is energetic and the cooperation with the team has been very enjoyable for me. During Covid-19 Hashtag Junkies also provided a social media livestream on how to deal with communication in times as well as how to deal with different scenarios of a crisis. This was a nice addition for de Keilewerf: in this way tenants could stay in contact with each other and could learn with each other in a time of stagnation. Many Wervers have benefited from this and are implementing what they have learned in their social media approach.”

    Ashley Nijland

Photography credit: Marjolein Oomen.