Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam

Schooling program

tailored training

Adding social media to the curriculum makes your schooling 2025-proof. Film, video, and photography are taking an increasingly important role in our world in telling a story. Whether it’s a short film, a commercial, a photo shoot, or a corporate film. At Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam students specialize in this dynamic field where everything revolves around images. Hashtag Junkies developed a schooling program for students to learn all about how new media affects their profession and how to establish their own brand.


  • "Petra fills the classroom with a good dose of Rotterdam humor and directness. The contents of the schooling program brings value and the presentations look excellent. Highly recommended for students who want to be independent entrepreneurs and who want to present themselves more consciously on social media."

    C. Sikken

  • "Petra has been giving guest lectures at our request for the past two years. This in order to make the students aware of the ultimate possibilities of this field. The Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam considers it very important that this is done by someone from the work field, who is aware of and can respond to the latest trends and what more is going on in this fast-paced world called social media. Petra is a bundle of energy who can approach young people on an equal level and enthuse them. She puts the student to work. For us, this schooling program is a valuable addition to our but also any school curriculum."

    J. Frigge

Photography: Fee Golin.