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Le Fanfare is a sustainable kids concept store that invites children to playfully discover and use their senses. It sure isn't an average toy store but a place where kids can play. It has a nostalgic twist to it so you'll be having a great time too.

The range of clothing, toys and lifestyle items all have a sustainable and high-quality character. Their selection is based on five sustainable pillars: green production, social responsible, sustainable material, eco friendly packaging, and long lasting. Le Fanfare is a colorful manifest. All elements of the store and webshop radiate celebration, which is a pleasure to work for.


  • "Working with Hashtag Junkies is a delight. They are skilled, creative and involved in everything they do. They developed an outstanding social media strategy, which allowed us to gather a large group of fans in no time, who are closely involved in everything we do. Hashtag Junkies has an infallible sense of who we are and knows how to translate this into every imaginable medium. Whether it's video, photography, content or personal messages, in each case they know how to hit the essence and conquer your heart."

    Judith van Zanten

Photography credits: Isabella Ciucci.