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Two of the most talked-about names in the barber world; Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier, and REUZEL. With more than 50 years of barbering and grooming experience the Rotterdam based master barbers from Schorem Haarsnijder & Barbier -Leen & Bertus- have now formulated pomades worthy of their exacting standards. They dug deep into the history of pomades to formulate what they believe are the world's finest.

Besides pomades, REUZEL offers men’s hair care products, degreasing and exfoliating shampoos, male grooming kits, and so forth. REUZEL's beard care and shave product line will get you smooth as a baby’s butt. The REUZEL Fiber Collection features hybrid styling products and also cool to mention, they also offer barber tools, men’s hairstyling tools, merchandise, and ever-so collectable souvenirs. REUZEL is here to make sure that as styles change, attitude remains the same.


  • "It takes a junkie to know one and trust me, they take their addiction bloody serious and whenever the social media of the REUZEL family is in serious need of a fix, they’ve always got the right stuff to get us HIGH up in the ranks again… No scams in dingy alleys no more but only the best product available… Most professional dealers of #’s and @‘s out there, highly recommended for serious users…"

    Robert-Jan Rietveld

Photography & videography credit: Jelle Mollema Photography.