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Rotterdam has gained a craft beer walhalla. Stadshaven Brouwerij Rotterdam will open in an old fruit warehouse on the Merwehaven and it all about reliving old times, if it is up to the initiators. The brand new brewery will be housed in a warehouse of five thousand square meters. You can best compare this with a large indoor soccer field of 150 meters long and 35 meters wide. The first part will house a restaurant and tasting room. The 'midfield and rear' will be filled with brew kettles, fermentation boilers, a bottle- and cask line. The opening of this brewery will contribute to the liveliness and social dynamics of the M4H area. We are looking forward to drinking a cold beer here, you too?

For those who love visiting breweries and drinking craft beers, here are some first impressions of what they are working on right now. Next to its brewery, tasting room, and restaurant, there will also be a large terrace and bar on the banks of De Nieuwe Maas. De Stadshaven Brouwerij Rotterdam has a starting capacity of two million liters of beer per year and will brew new varieties next to the existing craft beers. Eventually six million bottles of beer a year will roll off the belt here. This makes the brewery the largest in Rotterdam and one of the larger craft breweries in the Netherlands.

Photography credit: Laure van Rooij, Yvette de Wit, Patrick van Katwijk.