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Spotted in the UK; vintage shopping and paying by weight. How cool is that?! And how cool would it be to organize something like that in my own city of Rotterdam?', The Vintage Rebel founder Heidi Vergeer was thinking. With De Vintage Kilo Sale, she's been showing that the concept works for seven years now. Not just in her hometown, but throughout the Netherlands and Europe.

All vintage items at De Vintage Kilo Sale are hand-selected on A-quality. Vintage is often offered in bulk: 'We consciously choose to offer hand-picked and the best pieces of vintage. These are items that have been checked and are therefore absolutely not pieces that become hideous after wearing them once, we prefer to go for really durable and A-quality fashion'. De Vintage Kilo Sale operates under the wings of The Vintage Rebel. A name to watch out for.


  • “I really enjoyed the moment I started working with Hashtag Junkies, I should have done that a lot sooner. The team is enthusiastic, thinks along with me and my business, and also: they are crazy passionate about their profession. I have not met anyone else who has such an abnormal knowledge of social media. 10/10 recommend to every entrepreneur out there!”

    Heidi Vergeer

Photography credit: Petra Kevenaar.